Carefully selected, all of the fabric used by isafix is reclaimed - mostly remnant cuts from local textile professionals,


Each isafix item is crafted with patience and special attention to details. Most are one of a kind or produced in small batches.


Designed for everyday use, isafix items are sturdy, simple, and versatile. They are meant to last and be well loved. 

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isafixdesign 2019 - Oakland, CA

the textile industry 


The textile industry is considered the

second most polluting

industry in the wolrd.

It uses land, water, natural ressources, toxic dyes, pesticides and  other chemicals in disproportionate amounts.


The textile industry

exploits millions of people

for labor and convinces millions of others

to buy way more than they need.

As we know it today, it is deeply connected to capitalism, colonialism, and slavery around the wolrd.

global impact

the textile industry generates

global waste and injustice

by putting money above people and  nature.

It is an industry designed to generate maximum profit - regardless of the consequences.