reclaimed textile goods

Isafix is a small business located in Oakland, CA, whose purpose is to raise awareness of textile waste through craft and design.

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Temescal Farmers Market





Spring and Summer

in France!

March - September 2020


I will be spending half of 2020 in France!

Besides enjoying lots of time with my friends and family there, I am looking forward to exploring ways to continue my work between Paris and Rennes.

I will be back in the fall and you will be able to find me at the Temescal Farmers Market again by the end of September.

In the meantime, my online store will still be open.


I will regularly post updates about my trip and work here and on social media.

Stay tuned!

Temescal Farmers Market



Check the events page for more information and exact dates.

Come enjoy some delicious food, amazing produce, live music, meet some other talented crafters, and stop by the isafix tent to say hi if you can!

2020 update: I will be at the temescal market until mid-March, and back at the end of September.